Strategic Planning

“If you don’t know where you are going, you could wind up some place else.” Yogi Berra

Without an eye toward the future, it is easy for an organization to get off track and waste energy, time and money on unimportant priorities and initiatives. Therefore, to ensure alignment of priorities and sustained success over time, leaders of an organization need to clearly outline a strategic plan for the future, as well as then communicate this strategic plan continuously and throughout the organization so every employee knows where the business is going.

Through a structured, but customized, process, we help identify and prioritize key long-range goals for the organization. Then, we help map out the actions necessary to accomplish these goals in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Hence, not only will people know what they are “shooting” for, they will know more clearly what steps it will take to get there.

As we work toward identifying strategic plans, the process often helps an organization clearly define its purpose and who are its customers. The process will also explore important issues such as the type of culture and climate the team is seeking to create. The more aware the team is of these factors impacting its own performance, the more effective it will be at actually achieving its short-, mid-, and long-term goals.

Ultimately, rather than just continuing to focus solely on annual goals, the overall benefit of such a Strategic Planning process is to provide key long-term priorities customized for the marketplace and customers being served. Employees will begin to feel a sense of continuity from year to year if they have a more long-range vision of where the business is going, which will also lead to increased levels of engagement and commitment.

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