Multi-rater/360° Survey Feedback

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” – Bill Gates 

Without feedback, people often assume they are performing as effectively as possible. Also, people often assume their behaviors are viewed or perceived as intended. However, these can frequently be false assumptions. More importantly, people are not likely to change or alter their behavior if they don’t realize they need to so. Therefore, self-awareness is critical to everyone’s success – people need to see themselves as others see them.

Multi-rater (360°) survey feedback allows a person to gain greater insight into how others perceive them, as well as helps them determine what they need to do to adjust their behaviors and/or develop additional skills to enhance their overall performance. Such feedback can also help a person work and interact more effectively with those around them in their area of the business and throughout the organization.

Participants receive confidential, anonymous feedback from their direct supervisor, peers, and direct reports. These respondents complete an anonymous online survey which asks questions covering a broad range of workplace competencies and leadership characteristics. Survey results are compiled and compared with the participant’s own responses to the same questionnaire. Overall, this feedback provides participants with unique insight into their strengths and developmental opportunities, as well as greater awareness as to how they are perceived by and impact their coworkers.

Receiving this comprehensive feedback is only the start, we then work with participants to prepare individually tailored developmental action plans that focus on leveraging off their strengths and addressing areas in need of improvement. These action plans also specify measurable goals and realistic timelines. Ultimately, this feedback results in specific action steps to increase the participant’s current productivity and performance while accelerating their overall personal and professional development.

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