“Interviews provide an opportunity for employers to become more acquainted with applicants. Hiring managers are looking for candor, professionalism and a glimpse into the candidate’s personality.” – Max Messmer 

Having the right talent in the right position is key to every organization and interviewing candidates is the start to that process. The questions you ask candidates need to be gathering accurate data that is relevant to your organization and the intended position. You also need to ensure you are not asking questions that could result in legal action against you or your organization. 

While most managers will acknowledge that they may not be the best at interviewing candidates, most likely over-estimate their efficacy as interviewers. The hiring success rate for most managers is about 50/50 – basically the flip of a coin. 

IncitePERFORMANCE can help you create accurate, legal interview questions and tools to ensure your managers are garnering the best information for the best hiring decisions. Hence, they will be better able to identify those potential hires who will be able to successfully perform the requirements of the position and be a good fit for the organization. Moreover, we can provide training for your employees to increase the effectiveness of – and confidence in – their interviewing skills, thus optimizing the outcomes of your hiring process. 

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