Conflict Resolution

When two or more people interact, the opportunity for conflict exists. There are a lot of reasons for conflict. We approach situations based on our experiences, values, beliefs, and background. Differences in communication and conflict styles add more variables into the mix. Even departments and teams within organizations have different priorities which can impact others in a negative way. While some conflict is necessary and helpful, often it hinders productivity and teamwork. 

Working to uncover and understand all sides of the conflict, we meet with all parties involved to gather data from their perspective. Our consultants then meet with the parties to present data for both sides and begin working through the issues and come to some resolutions. Helping all parties realize they have similarities is essential while also helping them appreciate their differences. In some situations, we also explore the conflict styles of the involved parties. 

If you have conflict within your organization and need help, IncitePERFORMANCE can provide the objective help to get you through it.